Neighborhood Food Project


“You want to help. We make it easy.” That is the motto of an important neighborhood and community effort to help hungry neighbors across Thurston County. Celebrating its 10th year, the Thurston County Food Project works in partnership with the Thurston County Food Bank to collect food donations from more than 20 neighborhoods, including our South Capitol neighborhood.

Here’s how it works: a neighborhood coordinator delivers a green bag to a donor (that’s you!). The donors purchase an extra item or two while doing their regular shopping and store the food in the green bag, neighborhood coordinators return on the first Saturday of every even month to collect the green bag from the donor’s porch and deliver the full bag to the Thurston County Food Bank. The next collection is on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

This effort is important to our community:

  • 12 percent of Washington residents struggle with food insecurity.
  • 49 percent of Food Bank customers, around 27,000, are under 18.
  • The food bank serves around 57,000 households annually.

Want more information? Check out the project’s website at

Interested in joining the project? Contact Neighborhood Coordinator Jennifer Meyer by email or text 360.556.7619.

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