Board Minutes January 2022

  1. SCNA Board Members Present:
  • Shannon Shula (President)
  • Warren Neth (Vice-President)
  • Gerald Apple (Secretary)
  • Addie Spencer (Treasurer)
  • Victor Minjares
  • Kayle Simon
  • Kara Meyer

2. Approval of agenda and approval of November, 2021 Minutes.

  • A motion was made by Kayle and seconded by Addie to approve these two items.  Motion passed.

3. Committee Reports and Updates- written reports were submitted for board members to look at.

  • Parking update- Rachel Newmann
  • Lincoln School- Shannon Shula
  • Lord Mansion- Howard Goldberg
  • Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (CNA)- Haylie Simon
  • Legislative Campus Modernization (LCM)- Rachel Newman

Old Business

  1. SCNA Magazine- Kayle
  • Kayle did an excellent job of putting together the magazine. 
  • Board members are asked to log in their volunteer hours for the grant that we received.  This would include any hours put in writing the articles for the magazine and hours that you put in circulating the newsletter to our south capitol neighborhood households.
  • Shannon is creating a list of volunteers who are willing to distribute the newsletter to over 640 residents.  We need eight volunteers and each will be distributing about 80 newsletters.  When we distribute the newsletters we want to get the word out that we need more board members and we have monthly meetings.  Plus, we want to let community members know what services our association provides.  Shannon is willing to drop off the boxes of newsletters at the volunteers’ homes.
  • We will NOT be distributing the magazine until our next board meeting in February.

2. SCNA Website- Warren

  • A motion was made by Shannon and seconded by Gerry to approve the purchase of hosting for a website for our association.  The cost is $96.  Warren is comfortable purchasing this item with his credit card. 

3. CNA Representative-

Victor volunteered to be the CNA representative.  He will attend the monthly meetings.  This group deals with construction going on in downtown Olympia. Victor mentioned that none of the various environmental programs discussed solar energy. Victor provides the following website for board members to look at:              

4. SCNA secretary

  • A motion was made by Kayle and seconded by Victor to elect Gerry as the ongoing secretary. 

New Business

  1. SCNA Venmo or Paypal account.
  • There are several benefits in accepting payments online for annual dues.  It would be nice if SCNA could send out an annual notice to our south capitol neighborhood  to be able to pay our annual dues of $15 with a credit card. 
  • Addie will check on this item and make a report at the February board meeting. 

2. P. O. Box. 

  • We need to approval our annual payment for our existing P.O. Box.  The cost for one year would be $100.  This would fulfill a legal requirement. 

GOOD OF the Order

  1. Parking.
  • Residents of the South Capital Neighborhood need to register on-line to obtain parking permits.  A guest may park for ten business days.  The cost for two car parking permits is $25.  The cost for a third permit is $35. For low income families it is half price.
  • Warren volunteered to be our representative on the parking committee which meets once a year. Gerry and Shannon are willing to help on this committee.

2. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM

3. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 15th

Minutes respectfully subjected by Gerald Apple.

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