Board Minutes March 2023

South Capitol Neighborhood Association Board

Weds, March 8, 2023  6:30 – 8 pm

Meeting Minutes

Members of the South Capitol Neighborhood Association met at the Lord Mansion Coach House and chose new board members and officers for 2023. 

Treasurer’s Report

Twin Star account balances:

Business Prime Savings $20

Innovator Checking $2,900.58

Recent income:

$139.81 membership dues received via Paypal

$30 membership dues received via personal checks

$0 Cash

Recent expenses:

$6.56 each month for hosting the SCNA website

$108 paid in January for post office box

$100 for use of the Lord Mansion Coach House for March 8th meeting

Upcoming expenses:

$75 Washington Secretary of State registration fees due March 31, 2023

Board Officers for 2023

President, TBD

Vice President, Gerald Apple

Secretary, Sue Hedrick

Treasurer, Addie Spencer

2023 Board Members

Valerie Hammett

Howard Goldberg

John Saunders

Shannon (Sam) Shula

Emily Tilger

Lorie Hewitt

David Maltman

Workgroups for 2023

Legislative Modernization Project – John Saunders

St. John’s Church – Lorie Hewitt

Social/Communications – Emily Tilger, Howard Goldberg, John Saunders

Traffic – Gerry Apple

Safety – Howard Goldberg

The next meeting is scheduled for Weds, April 12, 2023 at 6:30 pm at Howard Goldberg and Marcia David’s home.

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